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    your thirst for love…
    ¿Y tu ya evocaste al amor?
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    The flavor evoke memories of the past loves,
    but will link you to the present and capture the hopes for tomorrow
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    Gallery / El hijo de mis amores
El hijo de mis amores - Y tú, ya evocaste al amor?

Tequila El Hijo de Mis Amores

Is born from the memory of past loves, seducing the senses and evoking passions to come.

This Tequila emerges from a dream; formed by the desire for love and it is born from that love.

El Hijo de Mis Amores is not just an excellent premium tequila; it must be consumed with passion in order to journey to the most emotive memories of love and seduction.

Seducing all 5 senses:

When you say cheers and clink your glasses, the tequila will cling and gracefully slide down the side of the glass.

This reflects its maturity, complemented by a deep aroma and the full flavor. This divine liquid will revive your feelings and passions; it is a gift from the gods of Jalisco, Mexico, to the world..

Unique Design

Why Choose Us

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Our Mission We build Amazing Tequila

We share our dream…

With the “Santa Lucía Distillery”, and it’s dedication to Tequila, since 1940, the traditional Mexican drink par excellence.

This Distillery is a modern ecient factory that can produce 25,000 liters of Tequila daily and has earned certification from the Tequila Regulatory Board (CRT) as well as, the Ocial Mexican Standard (NOM), This is where tequila of exceptional quality is produced using modern equipment and strict quality controls, but never deviates from producing that authentic traditional flavor. This is how El Hijo de Mis Amores is created.

El Hijo de Mis Amores
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100% puro de agave

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El hijo de mis amores

Silver Triple Destilled

tequila BLANCO


tequila REPOSADO

Extra Age

tequila AÑEJO

Y tú, ya evocaste al Amor?

En recuerdo a todos los amores que vamos dejando a lo largo de nuestra vida y por el placer de volver a evocar esas pasiones surge El hijo de mis Amores.


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Our Happy Clients
  • Su calidad se distingue como buen embajador del tequila en Mexico.

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    La Tequila
  • Digno representante del Tequila en nuestra tienda de tequilas exclusivos.

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  • El concpto del Amor, pasión y gusto se distingue entre los mejores del mundo.

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    Nuestros Dulces

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+52 33 3576 9226

Serv. De paso a las Agujas No.450

Colonia Las Agujas, Tesistan

Zapopan Jalisco, México CP 45200

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